Do you have a passive, flexible, or active financial plan?

Robert Phelan, CFA, GARP |

At Concierge Financial Advisor, we invest your money based on an active financial plan similar to what we use for our family members, adjusted for your objectives and risk profile.  Most investment management firms focus on growing the amount of assets under management.  We focus on managing your investments and helping you achieve your financial plan.   Most financial advisors establish a plan, allocate your money to the appropriate asset classes, and then passively manage your investments through rebalancing.   We regularly monitor your plan, and make the adjustments needed to effectively manage your accounts based on market changes and risk mitigation.  We focus on the performance of your investments, not on the fees charged to your accounts.  We have an outcome-driven philosophy.  We moved most of our family fund money into our company, which was managed like a family hedge fund, before we brought any clients’ assets into Concierge Financial Advisor, LLC.

If you are interested in an actively managed financial plan and want to be involved in how those assets should be managed, then call us.  We offer a free asset allocation review of your portfolio.  You can chat with us about our approach to wealth management and see how we can be of service.

Feel free to chat with us on our approach to wealth management and together investigate if your strategic and tactical objectives align with the overall path we are taking.  Call us at 813-436-3600.