Holistic Planning Philosophy | Concierge Financial Advisor

Our philosophy is rooted in trust and consistency when serving our clients — it is the foundation from which we build a caring relationship with our customers.

Our firm grew out of managing finances geared to the goals and challenges facing each member of our own extended family. Everyone has different aspirations and needs, and we are here to assist clients facing critical decisions in their journey to attain improved financial security and a better life. We can design and manage a plan fit for business owners, individuals, grandparents, parents, and children to serve them over the long term.

We recognize that everyone’s situation is different, and we stand ready to listen, engage, support, educate, and offer insight to every unique individual, family, or business that comes to us.

In all cases, the financial plan we build will be better with a complete and transparent view of the individual, family, or business entity. Concierge Financial Advisor LLC's president, Bob Phelan, has previously managed Privacy and Global Risk Oversight for American Express and Risk Management for Nomura Securities International, Inc. and understands the importance of preserving clients' confidentiality. Rest assured that we will maintain the privacy and security of all materials provided to us. Our objective is to bring success to you. We are not interested in growing assets under management at the expense of insufficient support for our clients. We are open to both discretionary and non-discretionary trading arrangements that reflect the engagement desired by the client. In addition, we are willing to manage a portion of a client's assets to demonstrate our approach and how different we are from other money management firms.

The investment climate has changed. The approach of buy low, hold long-term, and sell high, often identified with Warren Buffet, "the Oracle of Omaha," has changed, though it may still be relevant in a core portfolio. Similarly, crowd-driven investment activity popularized in Reddit posts and executed by firms like Robinhood promotes heavily shorted stocks, borrowing money to buy stocks, and making big bets in option contracts. Our firm does not participate in any of that activity. Our investment philosophy incorporates the creation of diversified ETF portfolios, measured risk-taking on growth stocks, including a mix of value, dividend, and income holdings, and generating additional income by customizing options strategies for certain qualified individuals.

Come speak to us about our risk management approach, which is central to our philosophy of "only taking risks you are willing to take and where the return is reasonable for the unexpected risk." We can identify and manage the different risks within a core investment portfolio and build various tax-advantaged investments to maximize return opportunities while remaining within clients' risk tolerance levels. We want to understand what truly matters to you and tailor a financial plan that works for you.